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Bin Sizes

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About Us

For David Sop, who has been in the Skip Bin Deliveries service for over a decade and more and having specialised in different types of Skip Bin Removal, branching out, starting out on his own and setting up a business was a natural transition and in 2013, he started his own venture the Delorean Bin Hire.

We offer a skip bin service in and around Melbourne areas including the Metro and CBD areas. Our primary skip bin services cover households, new building renovations, and landscaping. But as a general rule of thumb, it is a big no-no to any type of Asbestos Removal, be it from any segment like residential, industrial, real estate or even commercial. We do not engage in it at all.

As part of our operational fleet, we have three trucks engaged in carrying out the Skip Bin service and we have experienced drivers and personnel who have the requisite experience and are adept at carrying out our listed removal and skip bin services accordingly.

When it comes to all mandatory certifications and licences, and not to miss, we are aware and follow all norms and guidelines to the hilt. We are aware about all environmental regulations and have all permits in place. And our business and personnel has the seal of insurance too.

Typically, if it’s time for your next Skip Bin Delivery, then Delorean Bin Hire is at your service. You can speak to us on our numbers, 1300 267 388 or 0422 842 774 or email your request to